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CHI Air Self Rotating Curling Iron Review

CHI Air Self Rotating Curler Review

Being that I had never seen the CHI Air Self Rotating Curling Iron used before I was super excited and a bit skeptical when I received it. I sat down to film, opened the box and read over the directions. The directions read “hold the hair at a 90 degree angle”, well I’m not a mathematician and theres a reason I decided not to be a hair colorist after beauty school. As originally that was the path I was going to take but I found it all very confusing, plus measuring and doing math color equations all day well…. Obviously not my cup of tea.

So, as I started to use my new CHI Air, I ended up frustrated and making a complete mess of my hair, not to mention my crazy ass was upset with my ex over some stupid joke that I took the wrong way….sigh…

Since I was literally trying to make a 90 degree angle with my hair as I placed it in the curling iron it kept getting all tangled up inside and turning off.

It wasn’t until I was almost done that I realized how absolutely easy this self rotating curling iron is to use!! You literally just drop the hair straight down in between the opening and push one of the buttons.

CHI Air Self Rotating Curling Iron Review

The device has a left and right button so you can curl the hair in either direction. One of the buttons is raised and the other is flat. I love this feature because I don’t have to check to see which one to press when alternating curl directions, I can just feel the buttons.

CHI Air Self Rotating Curling Iron Review

The curling iron also has a timer and a digital LCD screen that reads the temperature. I must say I was impressed with how quickly the curling iron heated up.

It does feel a bit heavy in the hand but since all you literally have to do is hold it, opposed to turning the wrist, it didn’t seem to wear out or weaken my arm.

I would say this is the ultimate curling iron for someone who has a hard time using a curling iron or rollers. Literally anyone could use this to achieve curly hair. Although, I could see where it may not work so well on short hair.

This curling iron is perfect for teens or someone who tends to burn or is afraid of burning themselves because all the heat is contained inside and you never come in contact with it.

Overall I think this is an amazing product, though I may opt for a regular curler or my personal favorite the CHI ARC self rotating curler.

The super easy route is a bit monotonous for me and I like to have a little more control but I’ve been a cosmetologist for the past 10 years. This product I would say is more for everyday consumer, lazy gals and those who struggle with regular curling irons. Which is probably the average woman!! I will admit they are not easy to use and before cosmetology school I couldn’t use one either.

If you want to check out this super cool CHI Air Self Rotating Curling Iron CLICK HERE.

CHI Air Self Rotating Curling Iron Review

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