Hey y’all, Welcome to my beauty playground!! This makeup bunny has been years in the making…. It all started as a young child, I was my older sisters little barbie doll. She would dress me up and experiment with all kinds of makeup looks using my face as the canvas. She was a theater major in high school and I was in elementary school so I devoured every minute of attention she spent on me.

I am grateful to her for sparking my passion and to my mother who really let me run with it!

I remember in middle school, I never wanted to participate in gym class and as my punishment, I’d have to write a two page paper. Which, my slick little glitter loving self had other girls in the class writing for me in exchange for glitter covered eyelids (a set given to me by my sister)!!

When I later got to High School, I chose to go to a trade school where I pursued a cosmetology license while getting my high school education. I absolutely loved my school, in fact from time to time I still miss it!!

I participated in the skills USA completion for sculptured nails and won 1st place at regionals and 2nd place at the state competition! In my senior year, I finished high school at night so I could work full time in a corporate salon during the day. An experience I am very grateful for, I did chair side manicures for all the Vice Presidents, CEO and owner of JM Family (the company that runs Toyota) a Fortune 500 company.

This was in 2008 when the car business was not doing great so when I got laid off a couple years later I went back to school to finish my cosmetology license, I worked for awhile in salons doing hair, nails and makeup.

At 21, I decide to create a swimwear line. I did a few fashion shows and through wearing my designs I started to get noticed by photographers and talent scouts….. So I moved to Miami and pursued my modeling career.

View my modeling portfolio HERE. 

I did quite well for awhile from working for blackberry to filming a couple TV shows and such. I also took up Gogo dancing and worked in many different Miami and Fort Lauderdale clubs, I had a blast dancing and even made some of my costumes. It took me to Switzerland for the world economic forum as well. Awesome right!! I got paid and traveled in luxury.

I also got picked up as an MMA card girl for fighters source MMA and later became their head model and talent manager. It was amazing we did shows in Sweden, Miami and New York. The shows aired on CBS and they held the first sanctioned fight ever in New York.

Anyways, I ended up hurting my knees…..bad. My knee caps were off track and I spent a few months where I could barely walk. Being so immobile, I started working on my computer and found I had a real passion for it!!

With a few years of hard work and determination I rehabbed my knees and am grateful to have found something I love and enjoy doing.

Though I am obsessed with makeup my real drive is to help other women learn to put themselves together and feel great in their own skin, as I know this is a constant struggle.

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