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MAC Shadescents Lipstick Swatches

Last time I was in a MAC store I received a sample card with all of MAC’s Shadescents Lipstick’s and Perfume’s. I’m usually bias to liquid lipsticks, I usually don’t buy MAC lipstick (I’d rather spend the money or something that doesn’t smear) but I’d have to say they are probably my fave “regular lipstick” formula!! Not too mention you can cash in 6 empty MAC products for a new lipstick!! Hehe…. that’s probably where most of mine have come from. Check out the MAC Shadescents lipstick swatches…

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Anti Inflammatory Homemade Facial Mask

So thanks to my obsessive habit of picking at my face when I’m stressed out, I really needed this Anti Inflammatory homemade facial mask! The results were honestly amazing and I made it with products I already had in my kitchen. Learn how to make it and check out my results in the video below. Make sure to catch the end of the video for a before and after.

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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Review

I was really surprised to find this at Whole Foods for $7 considering when I checked online it was $12. I had tried it once before as my mother is a licensed esthetician, she has used this one acne clients and had great results so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with my face breaking out and really searching for something to get it under control.

Overall, I like the product. It hasn’t exactly cleared my face but I will continue using as I really like the way it makes my skin feel.

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How to Cover Dark Circles | Dark Under Eyes

Do you struggle with how to cover dark circles under your eyes? Personally my dark under eyes really bother me! The difference between my eyes with and without the right make-up is like night and day!! I’ve always had this problem and I’ve found the perfect technique and products to cover them.

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